Selective Interactive Video or SIV, turns ordinary videos into two-way communication tools, allowing them to be used in amazing new ways.

Unique Videos with purpose

Our Custom SIV service means videos no longer rely on content for engagement so they don’t just sit on Youtube or a website waiting for viewers to watch them. Instead, your videos can now become applications in their own right.

| SIV Changer | SIV Website | SIV Presentation | SIV Report | SIV Profile |

| SIV Promotion | SIV Training | SIV Story Books | SIV Sign Language |

| SIV Translate | SIV Layout | SIV Guides | SIV e-commerce |

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Whether you currently use videos or not we can provide a no obligation report to help you select the right custom SIV designs to enhance what you do.

You can use our SIV business where we will design selective interactive videos to match your needs or why not get started straight away using one of our Custom SIV services.

The way you use video today has changed.  Have you?

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