Make your reports readable

We all know how frustrating it is to have spent time and effort creating a report to not have it read. We know that some readers can only manage to flick through a few pages before the report is stored away to gather dust on a shelf or hidden away in a digital archive.

SIV report

With our Custom SIV report we turn new or existing reports into engaging interactive videos to making them readable in sections or as a whole.
“SIV provides filters, user interface and functions to make the report reading experience practical and enjoyable.”
Take advantage of the power of interactive video.You can add elements such as quizzes and feedback forms to the video to measure understanding. You can also add direct links to the reports resource material to support findings or conclusions.
Return On Investment
Raising the interest in the content of a report could lead to a return on investment making the production of the report worthwhile. Our SIV service is designed to achieve this by taking advantage of video being a more engaging medium than text. It also means better use can be made of Social Media and Websites to promote the report. If you have a report then turning it into a SIV is simple,using our SIV report service. Try this custom SIV today.

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