Your website should be different and should move

We all know that video is an ideal way to communicate a message and it’s much better than relying on text or individual still pictures. Yet how many websites have you seen today that are still?–They do not move –And we don’t consider pictures in a slider as movement!
There are numerous web design services out there but you will find nearly all of them offer the same designs/ templates all based on still images and words on pages asking users to click this or click that for more. In a world where it can pay to be different then why isn’t your website?

SIV Website

With our Custom SIV Website service you can have a unique real time video as your website with the usual website features embedded, such as buttons, links, widgets, forms, data from databases and more, making your website both user friendly, extremely informative and different.

Having a tailored and unique video can be just as quick to make as building a standard website but has less coding and is less vulnerable to cyber-attacks (It’s hard to hack a video) plus with SIV you will have a website that moves…

Be different. Try this custom SIV today.

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