Our Custom SIV Service

A successful interactive video is a two-way conversation, where the viewer and the video interact in a way that adjusts the video content or make changes elsewhere such as on a mobile device, a database, another video, etc.

You may have a quiz built into the video where a user can answer questions and get a score when the video ends. Have a video presentation that interacts with mobiles to provide feedback. Active icons placed on the video with details such as product information, e-mail contacts or links to buy or entice the viewer. The possibilities are endless.

For the interaction to gain the selective tag it needs to offer different user interaction options adding another layer of creativity to SIV designs.

Selection options provide videos that interact depending on aspects such as mouse and keyboard selections, viewing location, weather, time, viewer’s bio-metrics, etc.


We will configure and deliver standard selective interactive videos to improve your online engagement.

To use the service, simply select a Custom SIV standard design from the table below:

Custom SIV Application
SIV Changer SIV content automatically changes depending on the location where the video is played.
SIV Website SIV includes website elements such as forms, buttons, links, etc, introducing SIV features into websites.
SIV Presentation Viewers’ mobile phones interact with the displayed SIV to better share presentation information and give feedback to the presenter.
SIV Report  SIV used to present the report, providing graphical explanations, user-friendly indexing and direct links to resource to improve understanding of the material.
SIV Profile SIV used to present company profile information traditionally held in brochures, leaflets and business cards.  A great way to stand out from competition.
SIV Promotion SIV used to promote product and services at live events allowing users to interact using their mobile devices with the displayed SIV.
SIV Training SIV used to present training material including quizzes and other games to support e-learning.
SIV Story Books SIV used to convert stories to a visual narration, including elements such as subtitles, games, plot changes, etc. to offer a new reading experience.
SIV Sign Language SIV used to add a picture-in-picture Sign Language video onto any online video to improve access to existing video material and information.
SIV Translate SIV used to translate material from one language to another changing the content as necessary.
SIV Layouts SIV used to show the layout of a property allowing viewers to select elements in the video to display more information.  Also allows direct links to booking or purchasing forms.
SIV Guides SIV used to present information that guide visitors around a building or location.  The video changes depending on where in the tour the visitor is located.
SIV e-commerce SIV used as an online shop where products are displayed and can be selected using overlays on the video or other purchase methods.The way you use video has changed.  Have you?

The way you use video has changed.  Have you?

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